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Let me be mad, then, by all means! mad with the madness of Absinthe, the wildest, most luxurious madness in the world! Vive la folie! Vive l'amour! Vive l'animalisme! Vive le Diable!Marie Corelli, Wormwood: A Drama of Paris


Very nearby, time is moving slow. There, afloat in soft chair, you can taste unforgetable beverage, refuge of the defiants: Absinthe. As once Wyspiański, as often Picasso, you can let the Green Fairy embrace you. Let yourself to take a few rounds of this decadent oblivion. Let yourself to be inspired, feel the shivers of that restless era.

Choose one of over a dozen different absinthes from all over the world, choose the method of service, and watch the spirits of epoque, floating in fumes. For long years selling and drinking of absinthe was illegal. Now the herbal liquor is back on the roll, and it's arousing emotions... mostly because of it's hallucinogenic properties. See the rituals of waters and fire - most popular, and for the brave, our unconventional method of serving it. Come, play with fire. Drink, inhale and draw!

In our place, you can also taste:
  • original cocktails, and burning shots with absinthe
  • regional beers
  • itallian coffee and hot chocolate
  • fresh salads and appetizers